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GreenLifeTech™ Launches FreshDefendHome™, a Smart Countertop System That Extends Shelf Life of Fruits, Vegetables and Wine

FreshDefendHome™ is a smart countertop system with patent-pending technology that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to 5 times. The system works by removing oxygen from the unit to less than 0.5%, which delays the ripening process and extends the shelf life. It also features an optional ozone generator that helps destroy harmful bacteria on fresh produce.

Banner Elk, NC – (April 25, 2023) Save money, improve food quality, and minimize waste with FreshDefendHome™. Launching today, FreshDefendHome is a smart countertop system with patent-pending technology that makes fruits and vegetables last up to 5 times longer, while maintaining quality and taste. The technology circulates the air in FreshDefendHome and removes oxygen from the system, which delays the ripening process and extends the shelf life of fresh produce.

40% of fresh produce grown farm to fork is wasted, creating a burden on the environment and wastes people’s money. FreshDefendHome is a smart countertop system that is safe, easy to use, improves food quality and taste, reduces food spoilage and benefits the environment.

FreshDefendHome is compact, simple to use and a fully automated operation. Just plug it in, open the cover, place fresh produce inside, close the cover, and let the system do all of the work. FreshDefendHome’s optional ozone generator feature enhances the technology and helps destroy harmful bacteria on fruits and vegetables, making them safer to consume.

“Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced having to throw out spoiled fruits and vegetables before we were able to use them. FreshDefendHome aims to make it easier on people’s time and money by reducing food waste and extending shelf life up to five-times longer,” said GreenLifeTech co-founder and CEO, Dr. Bruce Roesner. “This new technology in FreshDefendHome can save people money, improve food quality, and help minimize waste on a massive scale.”

The capabilities of FreshDefendHome can be expanded with the optional FreshDefend accessories: portable containers and wine preservation stopper. Simply attach the snap-on connector to a FreshDefend portable container to keep fruits and vegetables fresh on the go, for picnics or in kids’ lunches. These produce-filled portable containers can also be placed in the refrigerator to keep fruits and veggies cold, purely for preference. Users can also attach the wine preservation stopper to a partially-consumed bottle of wine to preserve wine freshness for enjoying later.

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