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GreenLifeTech™ announces unprecedented “You Give-We Give” charitable donation program

Thursday October 7, 2021

GreenLifeTech™, a technology company committed to combating the massive global food waste issue from farm to fork, is extremely excited to announce its generous “You Give-We Give” charitable donation program. The startup is currently hosting an equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, where investors gain future equity in the company, through SAFE investment with a $3.3M valuation cap. Today, GreenLifeTech™ announces that for every dollar invested through Wefunder, we will match the donor investment dollar amount in stock value and donate it directly from founders’ stock to the non-profit organization, High Country Charitable Foundation. The Program applies to any past or future investment through Wefunder. This is an unprecedented generous action as this is the first known time ever that founders have matched their Wefunder investors with a charitable donation.

Bruce Roesner, PhD, GreenLifeTech™ President and Cofounder adds, “From the onset, GreenLifeTech™ has been dedicated to helping others. Not only are we donating 2% of our product to food banks and serving kitchens, but the founders also set aside our personal stock in the company to be given to non-profit organizations that can directly benefit from the growth of GreenLifeTech™, directly helping our communities. By investing in us, you are seamlessly also investing in initiatives that positively impact communities.”

GreenLifeTech™ developed a patent-pending innovation that safely removes oxygen from its containers, to pause ripening, kill bacteria, and thus keep valuable produce safe and fresh longer – in fact by a staggering 500% longer. This “You Give-We Give” program is synergistic with the company’s core values and mission to increase the availability and consumption of healthy produce supporting better health and quality of life, reduce per capita food waste, place less burden on the environment, and enable cost savings to families.

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