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Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

What is the GreenLifeTech™ innovation?

GreenLifeTech™ uses a simple, safe, and scalable technology to eliminate atmospheric oxygen to deliver a new and economical means of extending the consumable life of fresh produce up to 5x, using no harmful chemicals or needing any replacement parts. The technology is applicable across the entire food chains of farm harvest, distribution, household and commercial, to reduce waste, save you money, and support making our existing agricultural produce more available and safer for human consumption.

Why does the lack of oxygen slow the ripening process?

The ripening process requires the presence of ethylene (product of the fresh produce) and oxygen. Without oxygen the ripening process is delayed.

Is the technology safe?

Yes, very safe, as no harmful chemicals or additives are used, and when the oxygen is removed from the container, it is simply placed back into the air, conserving the environment.

Can I use this “container” in my home?

Yes, the initial product offering is our smart household countertop system, FreshDefendHome™, available on Kickstarter at .     

Is FreshDefendHome™ complicated to operate?

No. You simply plug it in, open the cover, place your fresh fruits and vegetables inside, and close the cover. That’s it – fully automated!

Does the technology use refrigeration?

No, the GreenLifeTech™ innovation does not use refrigeration.

Will FreshDefendHome™ come with accessories?

Yes, there is an easy option to expand the FreshDefendHome™ system. With the snap-on connectors, you are able to extend freshness to produce-filled containers for on-the-go, in lunches, travel, or storage in the refrigerator purely for preference. Also, you can snap-on to an opened wine bottle to preserve wine freshness in a partially consumed bottle. No more stale wine when you re-open that bottle much later!

How much time is required to perform the oxygen removal?

The time required is a function of the initial amount of air in the container, so the more fruits and vegetables in the container, the less air. In general, cycle times for the FreshDefendHome™ would typically be about 3 minutes while a small portable container may require only 30 seconds.

How can FreshDefendHome™ save me money?

The planned target MSRP is $399 and given the US household wastes an average of $1,866 per year on fresh produce due to spoilage, the FreshDefendHome™ pays for itself in only two and a half months.  If you waste less, you spend less.

Is the technology scalable? Where else can the technology be applied?

GreenLifeTech™ is starting with a US smart household countertop unit, FreshDefendHome™, then scale and expand the technology to US restaurants, food retailers, and license to refrigeration OEMs. We also plan to research standard stackable commercial containers for farmers’ harvest, containers for food donation banks and pantries, and other industries where our technology is applicable.

Is the GreenLifeTech™ technology protected?

Yes, GreenLifeTech™ has 3 pending patents.

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